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The node to create HTML for.

This template creates the actual HTML output for $node. It outputs top-level elements and container divs, and calls various templates and modes to output the inner content. Importing stylesheets should implement at least html.title.mode and html.body.mode for any elements that could be passed as $node to this template. Importing stylesheets should also implement html.header.mode to output link trails and html.footer.mode to output credits and other page information.

This template outputs the HTML body element, which takes it attributes from two sources. First, it calls html.lang.attrs, which automatically outputs correct lang, xml:lang, and dir attributes. It then calls html.body.attr.mode on $node for additional attributes.

This template also calls a number of stub templates that can be overridden by extension stylesheets.

This template also calls html.css and html.js to output CSS and JavaScript elements. See those templates for further extension points.