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Output lang and dir attributes.



The current element in the input document.


A parent node to take lang and dir from.


The language for node.


The text directionality for node.

This template outputs lang, xml:lang, or dir attributes if necessary. If lang is not set, it will be taken from the xml:lang or lang attribute of node. If dir is not set, it will be taken from the its:dir attribute of node or computed based on lang.

The parent parameter defaults to an empty node set. If it is set to a non-empty node set, this template will attempt to get lang and dir from parent if they are not set on node. This is occasionally useful when a wrapper element in a source language doesn't directly create any output elements.

This template outputs either an xml:lang or a lang attribute, depending on whether html.xhtml is true. It only outputs an xml:lang or lang attribute if $lang is non-empty. This template also outputs a dir attribute if dir is non-empty.

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