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The page or section element to generate links for.


The list of all valid link groups for $node.


A space-separated list of link roles, used to select the appropriate title, default "topic".

This template outputs all the topic links for a guide page or section, whether declared as topic links in the page or section or as guide links from another page or section. It outputs each of the links as a link element within the Mallard namespace. Each link element has an xref attribute pointing to the target page or section. Or, in the case of external links, the link element has an href attribute pointing to the external resource.

Each link element contains a title with type="sort" providing the sort title of the target page or section. The $role attribute is used to select a link title to sort on when a sort title is not present. The results are not sorted when returned from this template. Use xsl:sort on the sort titles to sort the results.

Each link element also contains a group attribute. The group attribute is normalized. It will either point to a link group declared in $groups, or it will be set to #default. Each link element also contains a groupsort attribute giving the numerical position of the group attribute in the normalized group list for $node.

The $groups parameter can be calculated automatically from $node.

When a link comes from a topic link on $node that has an href attribute but not an xref attribute, it is taken to be an external link. In that case, the output link has an href attribute instead of an xref attribute, and it has an info child element. This element has a copy of all the child elements of the source link element.

The output is a result tree fragment. To use these results, call exsl:node-set on them.