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The link or other element creating the link.


The action attribute of $node.


The xref attribute of $node.


The href attribute of $node.

This template outputs a URL for a link element or another element using linking attributes. If $xref points to a valid page or section, it uses a file name based on the ID of the target page plus Otherwise, the link will point to $href.

For inline links, $node should be the link element. For links from a links element, $node should be that links element, or the containing element when the links element is implicit.

This template first calls with the same arguments. If that template returns a non-empty string, it is used as the return value, overriding any other behavior of this template.

If $xref contains a / or : character, this template calls, which by default just uses $href instead. Override that template to provide extended xref behavior.

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