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The glossary page or section to output terms for.

This template outputs the terms that should be displayed for $node.This output is a result tree fragment. To use these results, call exsl:node-set on them. This template locates all terms throughout all pages and filters them based on any gloss:match elements in the info child of $node, and also excludes terms that are matched by child sections of $node.

The filtered terms are then grouped by matching ID. For each unique ID, this template outputs a gloss:term element with the corresponding id attribute. Each of these elements contains title elements reflecting the titles in the actual term definitions. These titles have duplicates removed, compared by the space-normalized string value, and are sorted.

These gloss:term elements then contain further gloss:term elements, which are copies of the actual terms with the same ID. These elements have an xref attribute added containing the ID of the containing page.

The top-level gloss:term elements and the gloss:term elements they contain are not sorted. Only the title elements in the top-level gloss:term elements are sorted.

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