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The node to create an output file for.


The output filename.

This template creates an HTML output file for the source element $node. It uses exsl:document to output the file, and calls with the $node parameter to output the actual HTML contents.

If $href is not provided, this template will attempt to generate a base filename and append html.extension to it. The base filename is generated as follows:

  • If an xml:id attribute is present, it is used.

  • Otherwise, if an id attribute is present, it is used.

  • Otherwise, if $node is the root element, html.basename is used.

  • Otherwise, generate-id() is called.

This template prepends html.output.prefix to the value of $href when it calls exsl:document, regardless of whether $href was passed in or generated automatically.

After calling exsl:document, this template calls the html.output.after.mode mode on $node. Importing stylesheets that create multiple output files can use this to process output files without blocking earlier output.

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