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Yelp Audio & Video

Yelp supports adding audio and video objects to documents. It uses the HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements.


To add audio or video to a Mallard document, use the media element (block or inline), and set the type attribute to "audio" or "video". See also TTML for information on adding subtitles to audio and video objects in Mallard documents.

Yelp will use the non-TTML contents of the media element as the fallback content in HTML. To provide an image to use for the HTML video poster attribute, provide a child image media element with the style attribute set to "poster".

Added in 3.0.


To add audio to a DocBook document, use the audioobject element (4 or 5) in a mediaobject or inlinemediaobject element. To add video, use the videoobject element (4 or 5).

Yelp will use a textobject element (4 or 5) from the containing mediaobject or inlinemediaobject for the fallback content in HTML. If inline, Yelp uses a textobject that contains a phrase element. Otherwise, it uses a textobject that contains normal block content.

Added in 3.8.